Saturday, January 17, 2015

Meet Miss Vikkers!

Welcome Fellow Student Teachers, Future Teacher Candidates, and Colleagues!

       My name is Miss Vikkers and I am a Student Teacher who is deep in the trenches of the dreaded edTPA Elementary Teacher Certification Exam.

 *Insert Minor Panic Attack* 

     Over the next 12 weeks, I will be working my way through the Childhood Education Handbook for the fifth grade and I want you all to come on this agonizing, I mean amazing, journey with me. I am a graduate student, which means, when I am done in May, I will have my golden ticket, a Master's Degree and I will actually be done with school forever. Well, except for the next 40 years of Elementary School I have ahead, but yes my friends, there is a very dim, though often flickering, light at the end of that Teacher Certification tunnel.
     I will be following a strict calendar for the months of January through April, as I complete Task 1, Task 2, Task 3 and Task 4 of the Childhood Education Handbook. Having just completed my Student Teacher Orientation 24 hours earlier, I feel like a cheap bra, looking for support wherever I can find it. Sincerely, I hope I can find that support here, with you, the Victoria's Secret of friends. 
    My plan is to offer a realistic and completely BIASED perspective to all readers. I am your guinea pig and as I jump head first into the edTPA fire, I will quickly learn the good, the bad and the ugly of this dazzling exam, so that I can share it all with you! There is no denying the edTPA is laced with missteps, mistakes and misunderstanding, so I will do my best to share my goals, failed attempts and yes, the outfits I wear during these encounters. My blog will investigate all the things that truly matter when becoming a fully certified and deeply devoted teacher. If you carry me through the edTPA, I will do my best to do the same for you, my brilliant Student Teaching Comrades.
     Do not not let my, scarce, yet present, negativity fool you, I love all things Sweet. Consider me the live action version of the famed Lego Movie hero, Unikitty! Everything is Awesome, until it is NOT...and I am not afraid to admit it! Any-who, I live for Bows, Books, Cupcakes, Fairies, Felines and yupp, Learning. If you agree, let's be FRIENDS! This being a word I consider to be my second favorite F word, second to Fabulous of course! As my motto goes,

Keep Cute and Carry On! 

- Miss Vikkers

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