Sunday, February 22, 2015

EdTPA Humor....

I am starting to get an 


I am at the point during the edTPA where nothing makes sense and I don't know where I am. I mean this literally, as yesterday I found myself writing my edTPA while in the bathtub. 
I had to stop, wipe the soap off my eyes and say, how did I get here!  

Photo of me, after the life changing bath I took today.... 
I realize that I got to this point of feeling like I have the time for a comforting bubble bath, because I finished Task 1 and I started to get cocky. 

Task 2 is manageable and borderline enjoyable, but Task 3, Task 3 is out of this world overwhelming!
Instead of bathing in my own tears of edTPA despair, I used my pruning fingers to make a few Kanye West memes... 


What is "after edTPA?"

Instead of my typical sign off, I say...


-Miss Vikkers

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