Thursday, May 21, 2015

DIY Goodbye Gifts On the Fly

Here is a Simple Goodbye Gift for My Students I Made On The Fly

 My student teaching has come to an end and with that comes many tears, and you guessed it...DEBT! Needless to say, the struggle is very real and I am on very tight budget.

However tight my budget may be, I felt compelled to get my Montessori students something to thank them for allowing me into their lives. 

Given that they are Montessori children and I was in a fully Montessori school, I had to keep the gifts simple and practical. This is because the real gift comes from me teaching them, doing my best work and encouraging them to to do theirs. 

PENCILS...What is more practical than a pencil??? 

Lime Green is my Shiz, and it is perfectly gender neutral. You may click on the image above to buy these Yoobi pencils for just $2.99 at Target


Every teacher needs a label maker, regardless of what grade or subject you teach. Organization is key!  

My label maker turned these regular pencils into customized gifts for my sweet students....

Yes, they are alligators! 


My students were so impressed the pencils had their names on them, they said they would keep them forever!

As teachers, student teachers, future teachers and residents of America, we all know that pencils are a hot commodity and they disappear like your keys at 7am on Tuesday.

Keep Cute and Carry On!

-Miss Vikkers