Monday, January 26, 2015

Polka Dot Day!

Anti-Bullying Polka Dot Day! 

     Today was polka dot day at school! All us teachers and students wore polka dots to fight bullying and promote good choices and respect for others. Each student picked five hand made polka dots with random student names and they wrote something nice about that student. The comments were anonymous, but wonderfully uplifting! They will be posted on all the walls throughout the school.

     Here is a comprehensive list of anti-bullying texts for students grades 4 to 9. Upper elementary school and middle school are the toughest times for bullying and more importantly, it is the most critical time for intervention. It is not easy to find meaningful literature on this topic for older children, so the topic requires a great deal of creativity and commitment! I have plenty of faith that all my readers are deeply devoted to this issue and are willing to do whatever it takes to make a difference.

Scholastic posted these 15 books on their website


   I know my dots are a bit over the top, but that is the ONLY way I know how to tackle a theme in fashion! 
I go all the way or not at all. I follow this path of thinking always, even though I was accused of causing one teacher to stroke due to my excessive polka dots!  
I take Fun with Fashion VERY seriously!


Here is a link to my frequently updated "Lots of polka dots and spots" Pinterest board...

Keep Cute and Carry On ! 
-Miss Vikkers

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