Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Nickel and Dimes...Valentine's!

Good Morning and Happy Valentine's Day to All My Hardworking Teachers, Students and Fellow Student Teachers!

 I have been looking forward to sharing this particular student teaching outfit with you all for several weeks now. I say this because, there are few things that get me more excited than mixing patterns! It is so common to be apprehensive about breaking the outdated rules of fashion. Many think that if it doesn't match flawlessly, there is something wrong with you as the fashion coordinator. I raise you one mixed pattern outfit and throw at you another fashion no, no...mixing black and brown! To be fair, nature does this everyday, which is why I knew it was perfectly acceptable to break this color pairing rule using a classic leopard print pattern. 

Brown leather shoes, a black leather belt and red tights, 
oh my!


My dress is from the always affordable, Rue21.

My cardigan is from the always reliable,  Papaya Clothing.

My bright red tights and Bow belt are from, Target.

My adorable saddle shoes are from, Payless.

My special Valentine's Day earrings are handmade from a local boutique!

At school today, we had a 5th grade Valentine's day party. This is a huge deal, because so many teachers feel that parties are frivolous and unnecessary in the classroom. This is simply wrong and unfair. We take too much from students as it is and 5th grade is typically the last year before middle school steals any hope of classroom frivolousness. 

Here's to putting the joy back in school!

I wanted to thank my Cooperating Teacher (CT) for dealing with the never ending hassle of the edTPA, so I bought her something sweet! 
(FYI, this was not the greatest idea because just about every child in the class bought her an expensive box of quality chocolate.) 
I found these mini chalkboards at Walmart and I used them to personalize the candy. 
 (If I were to do this again, I would rethink the candy and give her something sweet, with less calories, like vanilla hand lotion!) 

My big point is, thank your CT's for all of their support. The edTPA is as much a hassle for them, as it is for you. They have to make accommodations for video taping, they have to reconfigure their daily and weekly schedules, they have to take away their valuable planning time to offer you support and advice and they have to sacrifice all the benefits of having a full time student teacher to the rigorous and demanding edTPA
You as a student teacher have to sacrifice and they as CT'S have to sacrifice as well, so let them know you appreciate what they do! 

Here's to hoping you all have your own student teachers one day!

So I took a night off from the edTPA and made my 5th graders some quick, easy and cheap valentines! 


I bought this box of chips for $9 at Walmart. Now I could have saved money and bought some random snack sized pretzels or no name chips, but 5th graders are already all about those brand names and they want Doritos! Cooler Ranch to be precise! Unfortunately, this was the best selection of chips I could find, so not every kid got the chips they wanted, but I encouraged them to trade. I left their names off the valentines, so they could smuggle their snacks without guilt.  

Obviously, there were more fancy ways to make, style and print these labels, but I am not a graphic designer and I am on serious budget. I need to save my ink and anything too over the top would have taken an entire cartridge of ink. 


I bought these .97 cent stickers to dress up the Valentine's and make up for the lack of color. 


And I used these funky scissors to make the Valentine's look more crafty. I made this in about 2 hours and the kids thought it was awesome.
 Also, the teacher appreciated that I didn't pass out even more sugar, since each student's desk had a heart shape mailbox full of sugar.
Keep Cute and Carry On!
- Miss Vikkers 

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